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Ceiling-Mounted for Constant Relief

Air Purification Solutions, LLC is a proud distributer of Microcon CD. Microcon CD is a ceiling-mounted air filtration system designed to remove airborne pollutants and gaseous contaminants from
indoor environments.

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The Microcon CD Is Ideal for:

  • 911 Centers
  • Bunk Rooms
  • Command Centers
  • Cooking Areas

  • Day Rooms
  • Evidence Rooms
  • Office Areas
  • Parts Rooms

  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Smoking Areas
  • Training Centers
  • Turnout Gear

The Microcon CD’s cousin, the Microcon CD-HUV, is ideal for health care settings because of its dual purpose of UV radiation and HEPA filtration. Whether you are in the healthcare field or just concerned
about your employees health, let the Microcon Air Purifier provide a healthier work environment for you and your employees.

The Microcon CD – With Optional UV Lamps

Ultraviolet Germicidal (UV) radiation has proven effective in killing most types of airborne bacteria and viruses. Coupled with a high efficiency filter cell upstream of the two UV lamps enhances the germicidal effectiveness. The addition of the UV lamps to the Microcon CD provides for a “Total Air Quality Solution” for just about any indoor environment.