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Airephase Filtration Systems 

The Airephase Industrial Air Cleaner can provide a wide range of environmental solutions utilizing.
state-of-the-art biologic filters.

Air Purification Solutions, LLC knows there are different industrial settings with different contaminants and not every building can be filtered the same. That is why we carry Airephase, an industrial air cleaner using multi-stage progressive filtration systems, designed to virtually remove airborne particulate contamination & gaseous pollutants.

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We Recommend Airephase for:

  • Fabrication Facilities
  • Food Production
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Postal Facilities
  • Recycle/Waste Depot
  • Transportation Depot

At Air Purification Solutions, LLC, we make sure that you are using the right purification system in the right environment to get the most out of your money.